Our Services

We can support your endeavours in development of advanced automotive powertrain solutions.

Technical Consulting

  • Our technical consulting division provides various services ranging from ECU calibration for different emissions levels, cutting across different product lines ranging from passenger cars to off-road engines. We test, develop and validate the engine for different fuel types from diesel, gasoline to alternative fuel types. Our technical services are categorised under 2 categories engine and vehicle engineering. Our technical service division help automotive companies build superior products meeting both the legal and end customer requirements


Mechanical design and analysis: A competitive economic environment and increasingly stringent emission regulations are the main drivers for optimizing the efficiency of automotive engines in different application. EbyT can be partner in designing an engine that meets customer expectation for fuel efficiency, product cost, reliability and service/maintenance life cycle cost and engine performance.

Calibration: By involving in advanced and series development programs, EbyT can provide the precisely tailored solutions and leading edge technology for all our clients.


Engine controls: The continuously increasing engineering requirements regarding fuel consumption, emissions or advanced diagnosis are nowadays the main drivers for most powertrain development activities. Optimized engine control is now a key factor in being able to meet these challenges. EbyT engine control solutions help you today, for tomorrow's challenges. Our solution can offer customized engine and vehicle control development services along the entire V-cycle as well as mature off-the-shelf solutions.

Mechanical development and validation: Providing the right facilities to test engines cost-effectively and efficiently is one of our core objectives. EbyT can provide a comprehensive service to customers whether investigating the performance benefits of a new technology or working in parallel with and complementing an established test and validation process.

Engine NVH: From product concept development through to production, EbyT delivers class-leading NVH solutions to meet the most exacting requirements both of our customers and of product legislation. As a result of this capability and experience, the engines designed will have class leading NVH characteristics.

Engine benchmarking: When deciding for new engine and vehicle concept, detailed information from technical trends and competitor products has to be available. Therefore, neutral assessment of the own product with respect to specific features and overall performance has to be made in comparison to state of the art design.


Calibration: In order to achieve brand differentiation, individual      drivability calibration is required with respect to emission targets, fuel consumption, climatic conditions and market specific demands. Vehicle calibration for drivability to very great extent determines the character of a car. The comfort of driving has the highest priority, but nevertheless the drivability calibration is able to pronounce the specific character of each car and enables the car to be perceived by the user as "fun to drive".

Vehicle controls: EbyT offers design and implementation of standard control concepts, as well as model-based methods for vehicle controls. Our specialists can provide you with support at all stages and with all aspects of the “V Model” process, from specification and hardware/software development to testing.


Validation testing: The vehicle test provides the key to assessing the way in which components respond to ambient environment. EbyT can assist you from equipping vehicles with measuring equipment to conducting and evaluating tests. We can help you to obtain the final impression of the integrated powertrain’s performance in the overall vehicle.

Vehicle NVH: NVH measurements include sound and vibration data collected at various locations on the powertrain, vehicle and exhaust system as well as customer interface points in the vehicle interior. The measured data are processed to yield various metrics. Such a metrics provide invaluable information towards vehicle performance and component target setting on new vehicle development program. By identifying weaknesses in current design, manufacturers can significantly improve the performance of their vehicle against the other vehicles existing in market.

Vehicle benchmarking: In order to support the development of high quality vehicles, it is critical to have a good understanding of the state-of the art vehicle. EbyT routinely benchmark new vehicles from different manufacturers to understand vehicles NVH and drivability characteristics. We provide services for vehicle benchmarking and testing activities that provide data critical to the development and commercialization of vehicles that meets market requirements.

Homologation support: EbyT can provide homologation support that covers initial design to final application for whole vehicle type-approval. This comprehensive framework ensures your designs are realized within the regulatory requirement framework for all target markets, saving you both time and money. Our e-homologation services are applicable for: All types of passenger car, commercial vehicles, two-wheelers, to agricultural and industrial vehicles. Certification of individual approvals and small batches, up to homologation for full-production run.